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Đăng lúc 17:28 - 20/06/2020

Chicken simmered
Chicken simmered is a Hanoi speciality and a deeply-guarded traditional Chicken steamrecipe incorporating a special mixture of secret herbs and spices handed down from parent to child over generations. The result is a quarter of chicken bobbing in a tasty broth, which is believed to be something akin to a health tonic by Vietnamese connoisseurs. A bowl of chicken simmered will impart energy and vitality; give strength to your tendons and bones; help you sleep better; and ease backache and asthma. Preparation centres on choosing the right chicken for the job. An old chicken will be too tough and a spring one may not impart the right flavour. But once the perfect chicken has been found, it is drawn, quartered and marinated in salt and spices for about 20 minutes before being simmered with medicinal herbs, nuts and seeds.

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